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Our Basic handgun course, for guys and ladies alike, consist of an introduction to the basic knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to safely handle and use a firearm. 4 hours of hands on classroom training consist of discussion and demonstrations of safety, gun handling, a look at various types of handguns and ammunition, the fundamentals of pistol marksmanship, various firing positions, cleaning a handgun and more. We also discuss different types of holster and concealment carry devices and have an hour discussion with Lt. Nolfe with the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Department, going over the current laws governing concealed carry. After an hour lunch break, we proceed to Styx River Shooting Center for 2 hours where each participant will perform exercises to improve your marksmanship, firearms handling and getting on target. Directions and specific information on the day’s events will be mailed to you upon registration.

Continental Style Breakfast Included

Course Length: Approximately 6 hours

Date & Time: April 16th @ 8:30am

Location: Gateswood Volunteer Fire Department and Styx River Shooting Center

Cost $100


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